Virginia State Fair

The State Fair Committee arranges with the Virginia State Fair for a Virginia Master Gardener booth. The committee creates relevant activities and schedules MG units to cover shifts during the Fair. The objective is to raise awareness about Virginia’s Master Gardener program and to extend horticultural or environmental education to the Fair attendees. This activity reaches tens of thousands of Virginians every year.

The committee is responsible for communication with the Virginia State Fair organization to assure that all needs are met. VMGA’s State Fair often asks the Master Gardener volunteers to assist with other areas at the Fair, and the level of cooperation in past years has assured continued success for the MG booth.

The Virginia State Fair usually takes place outside Richmond in late September through early October. Each year in late summer the committee begins to plan the activities for the booth that year, and to schedule MG units from around the state to work the booth.

Because this committee is a Special Committee, a chair is selected each year as planning begins. Feel free to contact VMGA’s President to express interest in the State Fair Committee.