About Unit Reps

Each VCE unit with a Master Gardener program is entitled to have a representative to VMGA’s Board. According to Article VI of the Bylaws, a Unit Rep and an alternate are selected by the MGs in the unit or the local Extension Agent to serve as a liaison between the local MG program and VMGA. The Unit Rep must be a member of the association.

Duties of the Unit Rep

Current contact information, maintained by the Secretary, is essential for the Unit Rep and Alternate to stay in communication with VMGA. It is expected that the Unit Rep will attend bi-monthly Board meetings, or send the Alternate, and email a report to the Secretary sharing recent activities of the local unit or the unit’s handling of a special discussion topic. The information may be used in the association’s newsletter, The VMGA Report. The Unit Rep reports back to the local unit the business and activities of VMGA. Additional information about the Unit Rep duties is found in the Standing Rules of the Association.

Unit Reps by Unit

To learn who your unit’s Rep is, click here.

Resources for Unit Reps

VMGA appreciates the assistance delivered by Unit Reps, the main conduit of information between VMGA and the local unit! To make the job of the Unit Rep easier, VMGA provides materials as reference or for downloading. Visit the Resources page to see what’s available.