The President's Column

Presidents Report

Yes, it’s finally spring ….or at least I think so. The weather may still surprise us.

What is better than working in the garden or volunteering for a spring plant clinic?  How about attending Master Gardener College? This year’s Master Gardener College is going to be scheduled a bit differently.  College starts on Saturday June 25th through June 27th.  VMGA Night includes the annual meeting, a reception and a special live auction on June 26th. VMGA awards scholarships to deserving Master Gardeners to attend and we are a proud a sponsor of MG College.

VMGA supports the Master Gardener Endowment fund in several ways through sales of branded items and silent auction proceeds. This year we are hosting a live auction which should be a lot of fun.  Please consider donating to this worthwhile cause!

It was my hope that we might have enough volunteers to fully staff all committees for a healthy association and we have a terrific turnout!  There still are a few committees that could use some help. Remember, most of the committees meet electronically, and please consider volunteering.

It has been a wonderful two years as President of VMGA. I have been fortunate to work with a dedicated group of board members: Angela Cingale, Vice President, Pat Reilly, Treasurer and Joan Richards, Secretary.  The organization could not run without the help and dedication of the committee chairs and committee members. A special thanks to everyone for all of their hard work and the full time job of keeping me up to date and helping me to follow Roberts Rules of Order.

VMGA is a strong organization that is there for Virginia Master Gardeners; fostering communication with Virginia Cooperative Extension, focusing on supporting continued leadership through the support of the MG Coordinator Endowment and providing quality advanced educational opportunities for Master Gardeners throughout the Commonwealth.  I am excited to welcome the new executive board and wish them the best of luck with this fantastic group of volunteers!