About VMGA Education

Did you know that in the first year of the Virginia Master Gardener Association, a main activity was to play a large role in the annual Master Gardener training in Blacksburg? Today, that event continues as Master Gardener College, and VMGA’s role in all education events is as important as ever.

The focus of VMGA’s Education Committee is to provide continuing education at a reasonable cost. As we wrote our Articles of Incorporation and applied to be a 501(c)3 tax exempt organization in the early 1990’s, VMGA recognized its role in providing continuing education. This is especially important as not all local units or associations have the resources to conduct events. And all VCE-MGs must have a minimum of eight hours of continuing education to maintain certification.

But VMGA contributes to Master Gardener education in many more ways.

You can join us in these efforts by donating to the Endowment or the scholarship fund!

The Education Committee conducts education events, usually in the fall and spring of the year. Events address the training needs of VCE-MGs and are held at various locations around the state so that all have the opportunity to easily attend. VMGA members receive a discount on registration fees. Check the Next Event page to see what you might have missed or get information on upcoming education events.

The Education Committee would like to hear your ideas of training needs, speakers and locations! The committee will be very glad you took the time to provide input. Or perhaps you’d like to assist the Education Committee? Write the Chair of the Education Committee at Education@VMGA.net.