Unit Support Committee

The Unit Support Committee is chaired by MaryAnn Kincaid. The committee collects, maintains, and provides information that will assist local units in establishing MG associations, or improving existing units. Specifically, the committee:

Connecting Units to Solutions and Ideas

The committee receives requests for information, assistance or solutions and either directs the request to a source or may pose the question on VMGA’s home page of this website asking that others contribute. Unit Support Committee members are familiar with much of what goes on around the state and facilitates connections.

Advertising Local Unit/Association Events

The Unit Support Committee also provides assistance to units or local associations wishing to promote to VMGA membership an event they are sponsoring. A strict policy has been developed to ensure the privacy of our members, found in our Standing Rules.

The VMGA Report is also available for promoting local events. The newsletter is published electronically in the odd-numbered months. Submissions may be made directly to the editor at Newsletter@VMGA.net.

If the timing of newsletter distribution does not meet the unit’s or association’s needs, the Unit Support Committee will facilitate an electronic mailing for local units.  Local units desiring an electronic mailing must provide the message they wish to distribute to the VMGA webmaster who will email the members in such a way to avoid distributing the mailing list.  For more information please contact the Unit Support Chair.

Topical Resources

The committee has compiled information on several topics, and adds to this as unit needs arise. You may want to write the Unit Support Chair if you have a topic about which you need information, or if you require another format than the PDF offered here.

Current Discussions

The Unit Support Committee has had a request for local association and unit Best Management Practices (BMPs). The questions posed to the committee are frequently asked. It is a goal of the committee to develop these FAQs into BMPs so that new unit, associations or leadership will benefit from the experience of others.

The questions are below. Write to the Unit Support Chair with your unit’s story and approach to these questions.