Virginia Master Gardeners Association Diane Relf Master Gardener College Scholarships


The Virginia Master Gardener Association (VMGA) seeks to award scholarships as recognition and encouragement to those Master Gardeners who have demonstrated exceptional leadership or significant contributions toward the VCE goals.  Because MG College involves significant costs, VMGA wishes to provide financial assistance for attendance to as many deserving MGs as the available funds will allow.  VMGA’s goal of providing continuing education opportunities to Master Gardeners is furthered by this extraordinary opportunity at Virginia Tech.

Originally the number and amount of scholarships was limited to the income from an interest-bearing account.  As VMGA’s leadership realized the positive impact of helping VCE-Master Gardeners attend the program’s premier continuing education event, scholarships increased in numbers and amounts.  Funds come from dues income and donations.

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Nomination Instructions

Each year, VMGA’s MG College Scholarship Committee solicits nominations and selects deserving Master Gardeners.  Master Gardeners wishing to be considered for the honor may provide nomination information to their local coordinator or agent.  Eligibility, nomination guidelines and selection criteria can be found in the 2016 MG College Scholarship Nomination Instructions.

Nomination Form--is attached here

Donate to the Master Gardener College Scholarship Fund

Donate to the MG College Scholarship Fund using PayPal, or email the VMGA Treasurer to find out where to mail a check. Many thanks!