Master Gardener College Scholarships

Guidelines and Criteria

Virginia Master Gardeners Association (VMGA)
Diane Relf Master Gardener College Scholarships Application Form

VMGA seeks to award scholarships to those master gardeners who through their dedicated efforts of volunteerism toward VCE goals have demonstrated exceptional leadership potential or significant contributions in their respective units. Additional criteria are included on the application form. All VCE Master Gardeners planning to attend MG College 2016 are eligible for these scholarships if they have never been awarded one.    

Nomination guidelines:

Unit agents/coordinators may nominate no more than two candidates from those who express an interest with no explanation given to the committee as to the process used. The agent or coordinator must submit the application but the applicants may provide details of their service in the process.  Suggestions for the nominator might be volunteers who:

Below are some of the traits that describe an extraordinary volunteer.

Scholarship Committee:

Additional Details:

Purpose of the Scholarships

Award Guidelines