Virginia Master Gardeners Association (VMGA)

Diane Relf Master Gardener College Scholarships Application Form

Use this form to nominate Master Gardener volunteers for the VMGA Scholarship to the 2016 VCE Master Gardener College.
You are requested to complete and submit the form electronically. This information will be forwarded to the other Committee members for their discussion and vote. Applications must be received by Friday, April 29, 2016. Confirmation of receipt by the chair is advised.


Submitter Email:  

Nominee Name:  


City     State:     ZIP:  

Home Phone:     Cell:    


VCE Unit:  

VCE Agent/Unit Coordinator:  

Will the nominee be attending EMGC 2016?   YesNo  

Will this be the first time that the nominee has attended EMGC?   YesNo  

Is the nominee a member of VMGA? (Preference will be given to VMGA members?) Applications are on the VMGA website   YesNo

What leadership role (committee chair, team leader, activity or project head, etc.) has the nominee held as an EMG volunteer and/or how does this person demonstrate the potential to hold future leadership roles?

How many career service volunteer hours has the nominee contributed as of Dec 31, 2015?:  

When did the nominee become a master gardener volunteer?:  

Are there additional criteria, which the individual would like to have considered? Financial need, diversity, other. (Confidentiality assured.)

How will the awarding of this scholarship and attendance at EMG College 2016 enhance the efforts of the local Unit?

Add any additional information that the nominee or Extension Agent/Coordinator may wish to be considered by the Committee.


Selected awardees and Extension Agents/Coordinators will be notified by e-mail or telephone by the Chairman of the Committee by Monday, May 17.

Scholarship checks will be presented to the awardees at the Annual VMGA meeting on Saturday, June 25, 2016. 

For special consideration:  To awardees—if anyone needs the funds to be paid up front, contact Dave Close, Master Gardener Coordinator,  If anyone is due to receive a milestone award, check with Dave Close to be considered for a delay on that until next year.