About Master Gardener College

Master Gardener College is an annual event held on the campus of Virginia Tech to provide continuing education for certified VCE-Master Gardeners. VMGA has many events at Master Gardener College and supports the state program by promoting attendance at College. On this site you’ll find information needed by the veteran attendee as well as those considering this premier education event.

VMGA is highly invested in MG College. As one of its very first activities in 1991, the newly-formed state association assisted with the third “Advanced Master Gardener Training” as MG College was known. VMGA’s Board times its Bi-monthly Board and Annual Meetings to be held at MG College. It participates as a College sponsor and conducts the Live Auction to raise funds for the State Coordinator Endowment. [hyperlink to page of same name]

An important charitable activity of VMGA, which also encourages attendance at MG College while acknowledging contributions to the local program, is our scholarship program. MG College Scholarships are awarded to selected certified VCE-MGs whose nominations are made through the local agent or coordinator. Read more on the MG Scholarships page.

The Advanced Master Gardener – Steward Training is an important component of Master Gardener College. Each year, one of the three advanced modules is offered – Tree, Water or Land Care. Advanced Master Gardener Stewards are expected to plan, design, implement and evaluate programs based on local needs and receive highly technical and programmatic training to prepare them to do this. Students start training on Wednesday of College, attend special tours on Thursday and follow a specific curriculum to fulfill the training requirements. Visit the Advanced Master Gardener site to learn more and see the current year schedule when available. An additional fee is required to cover costs.

To further its education purposes, VMGA provides all kinds of information to promote attendance at MG College. We provide an overview of College and tips from veteran attendees of what to expect. Until the program for the upcoming MG College is available, check out a sample program.. Follow this link to the state MG program website and click on “MG College” for the latest from the State Coordinator’s office. There you’ll find a Promo CD under “About” that will give you a visual of your time at College.