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Membership Categories (please check appropriate class)

Active VCE-MG (Trainees, Interns, Master Gardeners, Emeritus Gardeners or Extension Staff)

New Active Member ($12 annual dues)

Renewing Active Member
($12 annual dues)

Lifetime Active Member
($120 one-time payment, valid as long as you remain an active VCE-MG)

Auxiliary or Sustaining (members cannot vote or hold office)

New Auxiliary Member ($12 annual dues for those who were formerly active VCE-MGs, are no longer contributing hours, but wish to continue to support VMGA; cannot vote or hold office)

Renewing Auxiliary Member ($12 annual dues)

Sustaining ($250 or more; for individuals or businesses interested in supporting the work of VMGA)

VCE Unit through which you submit volunteer hours (Extension staff please note your unit)

Renewing Your Membership? Information about VMGA Charitable Activities for Current Members.

To donate to VMGA’s Master Gardener College scholarship fund, please note the amount here $

To donate to VMGA’s State MG Coordinator Endowment, access a payment/pledge form with instructions here

You may dues and donations using a PayPal account or a credit card on the PayPal site--use the Payments form that follows. You may also pay by mailing a check.

You may pay your membership fee either through the mail via check or through PayPal using either a credit card or your PayPal account.

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IF you are paying by check, submit this form and mail your check to:

Deb Straw VMGA Membership Chair
249 Snapps Mill Road
Spout Spring, VA 24593

Questions? 434-352-5024 or

IF you are paying by credit card or PayPal, use the Payments form that you will see upon submission of this form. Your membership will not be complete until your check or card payment is received.