VMGA Elections

It’s Election time again!

The Nominations and Election Committee is seeking volunteers to stand for election to the Virginia Master Gardener Association Executive Committee.  The offices of President, Vice-President, Secretary, and Treasurer are open for nominations.  You may nominate a good candidate, or even recommend yourself to the Committee.  The Nominations and Election Committee will look at those recommended for office, and prepare a slate of nominees for consideration at our December Meeting.  At the December Meeting a last call will be made for suggestions to be nominated, and nominations will be closed.  After that elections, with the results announced at the February regularly scheduled meeting.

The elected officers will be installed at the end of our Annual Meeting in June 2018 at Master Gardener College.  They will serve a two-year term from that point until the end of the Annual Meeting in June of 2020.

The duties of the officers are listed in our Standing Rules (http://vmga.net/VMGA-Standing-Rules--Adopted-4.9.2016.pdf ), and their Authority is described as part of our Bylaws (http://vmga.net/PDF/VMGABylaws-27Jun2015.pdf ).  All nominees must be members of VMGA.

If you are interested in nominating or being nominated please contact the Nomination and Election Committee:

Frank Reilly – Frank@TheReillyGroup.net , Chair

Kandy Keith - kandymk@verizon.net